Indepence 2022 Grand Raffle Event
Posted on May 31,2022 at 09:41

10 will win a Tier 3  from Set Freebie mentioned in this event. You will be able to register tickets from May 31 until June 11 and the Raffle draw will be On June 12 at 10:00pm.

How to register tickets (Lostland 1 & 2 only)?
  • Sell each Jewel of Bless to NPC for a ticket.
  • Kill Bosses for ticket(s).
  • Kill Goldens for ticket(s).
  • PK 5 unique players for ticket(s).
  • Buy Item in In-Game CashShop for ticket(s).

Exp. & Drop Event

Boost Exp and rare drop event from May 31 until June 12.

Bonus Ecoins Promo

All donations with minimum amount of 400 Pesos through Cebuana, GCash, Verified PayPal and Merchants will receive the following bonus according to the figures below.

  • 40% eCoins Bonus - May 31
  • 25% eCoins Bonus - June 1

LLMU Management

Fruits of Labor, Coin What May
Posted on May 01,2022 at 08:04
eCoins Bonus

Donations through Gcash, Verified Paypal and Merchants on May 1 .....
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Duel Master Event 2022
Posted on Mar 27,2022 at 04:05
Improved Trophy for Champions:  .....
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Official Game Item Options
Posted on Mar 15,2022 at 02:12

This statement is to address all questions regarding the future of item options & sockets in game as we progress content seas .....
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LLMU Year 2 Events
Posted on Mar 01,2022 at 07:04
Boost Exp & Rare Drop Event

Boost Exp will start on March 1, Rare Drop on March 2 and both events will end on March 14, experience will be doubled and daily until 14th 2 rare item will be dropped from GM Box.

Party Race Event

A party of 5 characters will race starting from Lorencia town to target destination without wing and mounts, the winning party will receive cash prize of 5,000 PHP. This event will be held 2x on March 14 at 9:00PM GMT+8.

Note: The winning party members in 1st round can`t join 2nd round.

Grand Raffle Event .....
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February Special 2022
Posted on Feb 02,2022 at 14:01
Valentines Grand Raffle Event .....
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Christmas Stars
Posted on Dec 17,2021 at 11:21

It's Christmas now in Devias! You can start hunting for stars until 25th...,  Stars will drop rare items, regular items (ma .....
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Christmas Tier Freebies 2021
Posted on Dec 04,2021 at 18:41

Tier Set Freebies .....
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December Castle Siege Marathon
Posted on Dec 01,2021 at 02:04

Castle Siege Marathon .....
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Season 4 Update
Posted on Nov 02,2021 at 03:13

Season 4 Server Update

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Halloween Tier Freebies
Posted on Oct 15,2021 at 14:20

Starting on Oct. 16 until Nov. 1, the accumulated eCoins you spent in CashShop will give you freebies according to the figures b .....
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1 Realm Setup
Posted on Oct 12,2021 at 23:40


LLMU will now be running with 1 realm setup only, For new players we have setup a special rule that players cant be pk and vi .....

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Survival of the Fittest Event!
Posted on Oct 08,2021 at 15:37

Martin the Gambler
Posted on Oct 04,2021 at 19:25

Today`s update brings martin the gambler where players can gamble using jewel of bless or eCoins.

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Season 2 Content Update
Posted on Jul 20,2021 at 21:56

Account Security Update
Posted on Jul 15,2021 at 19:14

Security update with 2nd step authentication provided by Google Authenticator app for mobile/desktop, with this security you will avoid loosing .....
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July 7, 2021 Update
Posted on Jul 07,2021 at 22:31
  • Talisman of Chaos Assembly Release - Available in Webshop Limited for 100 Pieces Only.

Season 1 Marathon Event Top 20 Finishers!
Posted on Jun 19,2021 at 17:39
Here are the list of top 12 Season 1 Marathon Event, List are sorted by 1st to last finishers.

  1. [Gillane] Level : 400 .....
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Castle Siege Update - 6/12/2021
Posted on Jun 12,2021 at 20:22
Updates: .....
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Grand Marathon Season 1
Posted on Apr 19,2021 at 15:25

Easter Bunny Event
Posted on Mar 29,2021 at 16:47

- Hunt & Kill Easter Bunny for c .....
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LLMU Anniversary Raffle Winners
Posted on Mar 16,2021 at 00:22

Congratulations to 10 Winners of LLMU Anniversary Rafle Event! You will be contacted GM via mail in game on how to claim your prize! .....
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Ancient Item Release & CS Update
Posted on Mar 15,2021 at 18:42

  •  Tier 1 Ancient Items Released .....
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1st Year Anniversary Event & Update!
Posted on Mar 01,2021 at 18:12

New Sets Released .....
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Valentines Heart Event!
Posted on Feb 02,2021 at 17:31

  • Heart of Love Drop Enabled

- 50% Chance to Drop Guaranteed +7 Items
- 30% Chance to Drop +4-6 Items with 7% Chance B .....
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February Fondness
Posted on Feb 01,2021 at 10:30
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About 1/24/2021 Castle Siege
Posted on Jan 25,2021 at 00:56

Castle Siege of 1/24/2021 has been disrupted with crown issue, We are already debugging this issue and patch fix will roll out on next scheduled .....
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Update - December 29, 2020
Posted on Dec 29,2020 at 14:09

Updates 29/12/2020 :

  • Anti ALT+F4 exploit now implimented in all maps
  • Kalima Gate dropping restricted in CS Ser .....
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Christmas Raffle Event Winners
Posted on Dec 25,2020 at 19:18
Login on website, Go to Account Profile then Click Show my Tickets

Ticket #10 - JYXEM81917 - CLAIMED .....
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Christmas Promo & Boost Event
Posted on Dec 22,2020 at 21:58

Christmas eCoins Promo for 3 Days

December 23: 40%
December 24: 20%
December 25: 10%

Exp Boost will be active al .....
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Christmas Star Event Update - 16/12/2020
Posted on Dec 16,2020 at 20:37

Updates: .....
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Castle Siege Marathon Update
Posted on Dec 06,2020 at 22:32

1st Week Battle:  December 6, 2020

Winner: KALASAG - 1 Win Point .....
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December 2020 Events!
Posted on Nov 29,2020 at 21:38

Castle Siege December Marathon

10,000 PHP Cash Prize!
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Mu Online 2 - World of Legends
Posted on Nov 28,2020 at 12:05

Inviting you to our new server MU 2

MU .....
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Marlon Quest Release & Other Updates!
Posted on Oct 27,2020 at 17:44
Updates for 27/10/2020 : .....
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A New Hero Arrives in Lost Land MU
Posted on Jun 29,2020 at 16:55

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Non PVP Server Update
Posted on May 13,2020 at 14:07
Non PVP Server Update : 13/05/2020

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Update: Market Server
Posted on May 12,2020 at 17:34

Market Server Update : 12/05/2020

1. Market Server Update .....
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Character Rename & Transfer Service
Posted on Mar 21,2020 at 13:16

You can now start using our character rename service that will allow you to use special symbols.

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Welcome to Lostland MU
Posted on Mar 14,2020 at 07:29

Welcome to Lost Land MU - Season 1 Progression Server

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About Lost Land MU
Posted on Mar 06,2020 at 19:19

  • Lost Land MU is your total MU ONLINE Classic Experience! This Server is born out of passion, dedication & love for the game. A lot o .....
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