1st BER 2022
Posted on Aug 30,2022 at 06:13
eCoins Bonus

Donations through Gcash, Verified Paypal and Merchants on Aug. 30 with minimum amount of 400PHP will receive 40% bonus eCoins base on the amount donated.

Raffle Event

5 will win Third Wings on May. 15 raffle event, you will see your accumulated tickets under our account profile page of our website. You will be able to register tickets with GM Box (1-3 tickets random) and CashShop (3 tickets every 100 PHP).
  • 1st - 3rd rank : Third Wing +0 +Luck +1 Exc (your choice)
  • 4th - 5th rank : Third Wing +0 +Luck +1 Random Exc

Boost and Drop Event

Boost EXP from Aug. 30 till Sept. 15 and item rare drop from GM boxes from Sept. 1 to 7.

Season 6 Episode 3 Update
Posted on Jul 19,2022 at 18:39

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Duel Master Event 2022
Posted on Mar 27,2022 at 04:05
Improved Trophy for Champions:  .....
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Official Game Item Options
Posted on Mar 15,2022 at 02:12

This statement is to address all questions regarding the future of item options & sockets in game as we progress content seas .....
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Survival of the Fittest Event!
Posted on Oct 08,2021 at 15:37

Martin the Gambler
Posted on Oct 04,2021 at 19:25

Today`s update brings martin the gambler where players can gamble using jewel of bless or eCoins.

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Account Security Update
Posted on Jul 15,2021 at 19:14

Security update with 2nd step authentication provided by Google Authenticator app for mobile/desktop, with this security you will avoid loosing .....
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Character Rename & Transfer Service
Posted on Mar 21,2020 at 13:16

You can now start using our character rename service that will allow you to use special symbols.

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Welcome to Lostland MU
Posted on Mar 14,2020 at 07:29

Welcome to Lost Land MU - Season 1 Progression Server

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About Lost Land MU
Posted on Mar 06,2020 at 19:19

  • Lost Land MU is your total MU ONLINE Classic Experience! This Server is born out of passion, dedication & love for the game. A lot o .....
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